MediaGhar is a creative branding and digital marketing agency specialized in brand management, communication consulting, creative advertising, social media marketing, creative design and audio-video content production. We have over 9 years of great experience helping brands grow in Travel & Tourism, FinTech, Sports, Entertainment, Food, Apparel, Technology, Healthcare, Education and Social enterprises. Our creative campaigns and technology-enabled marketing solutions help your products and services reach a wider customer base with lasting brand recall and increased sales.

What We Do

Brand Management

Our Strategy Team works on market research, current trends, consumer insights, engagement planning, analytics – the works – to ensure continual fulfillment of your goals.

Creative Advertising

Campaigns are tailored to your needs, market conditions and your end goals. Our Creative Team works across different media – video, audio, design, content – to produce the best possible campaign.

Media Tech

With the rapidly evolving tech-for-media space, we combine over 15 years of experience and the newest technologies that will position you as a pioneer in your industry.

Media Buying

Where you advertise plays a huge role on how your brand is perceived. We work with you on positioning strategies based on research, and buy media spaces across channels for advertising campaigns.

Success Stories

MediaGhar – Changing the Constant in Advertising!

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How We Do It

Brand Strategy

How your customers experience you – through color, logo, images, tone, interactions, perceptions and so much more – is your brand strategy. Read more

Design & Content

Tell your brand’s story in a way that stands out, appeals to customers and creates a lasting impact. Find out how.

Media Production

Help your customers experience you across the richest platforms – audio and video to craft a great campaign. What does this include?

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter – there are many social platforms to showcase & advertise your brand today. What should your social media strategy be?

Digital Promotions

With today’s world glued to phones, tabs, laptops and the Internet – a compelling digital presence is a must. But what does this encompass?

Media-Tech Services

What is media-tech? Simply put, using the latest technologies in the media field to enhance branding activities. For the long story, read this

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